Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Little Treats

With Labor Day coming up this weekend, does that mean I have an extra day to throw a party and cook?!  I think it does. ;)

While perusing through one of my favorite cooking stores on-line today, Sur la Table, I found what may be one of the best things for baking I've seen in a while.  When making bread (zucchini bread, banana bread, etc.) to give to friends, it's always difficult to find some sort of packaging that will protect your loaf and is pretty.  Enter the Paper-Loaf Pans here.  These little paper molds are grease-proof and oven-proof, so you can actually BAKE YOUR BREAD in them.  And as an added bonus, they look great!  Just add a cellophane bag around it and a cute bow.

I also ran across some inspiration for my weekend baking . . . mini doughnut trays!  This will be my first attempt at donuts, so wish me luck.  It's time to start gathering recipes and understanding how these little guys are made!  Old-Fashioned Glazed anyone?

On another note - Happy Hump Day everyone! :)

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